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Travel Agents Finder - Barrhead Travel
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Travel Agent: Barrhead Travel

This is our Barrhead Travel travel agent page. We have listed the full address of Barrhead Travel, phone numbers and websites. Barrhead Travel is in Glasgow, Barrhead Travel offers cheap holidays, cheap flights, hotels, city breaks and travel insurance in Glasgow. This travel agent is in Glasgow

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Oswald Street
G1 4PA
phone number for Barrhead Travel at Oswald Street0141-222 2223fax number for Barrhead Travel at Oswald Street0141-243 4901
Barrhead Travel
2.4 out of 5 based on 32 ratings.
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Barrhead Travel in Oswald Street, Glasgow is the largest store of them all offering a wide selection of travel services from package holidays to flights and accommodation.

Sales: 0800 298 7214
Aftersales: 0871 423 9754

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 08.30- 2100
Saturday: 0830- 2100
Sunday: 1000- 2000

Services Offered:Holidays, City Breaks, Cruises, Flights, Foriegn Exchange Available, Accommodation only, package deals and much more.

Areas Served:All of the UK.

George Mcguckin
might have to pay 300euros appt.deposit on hol. didnt find out until 2days before hol.not happy.
Review posted: 28/07/2011
Isabel Duffy
went to the tobago hotel in palma nova. why do people give bad reviews for this hotel.We found this hotel alright although the food was a bit dissapointing but it is spain after all. There were lovely eating places around the hotel if you wanted to try. we were there late june early july and i will go back again even only for the view we got from our balcony over looking the sea and watching the boats coming and going.
Review posted: 17/07/2011
We booked our holiday in Febuary to go away a week.
One of our friends cancelled and the rest of us had to pay 75.00 each cancelation fee. Then they told us we had to pay an additioal 145.00 on top of that for our appartment.
3 days before we fly out and we still have no tickets and have been getting the run around. I do NOT recomend booking with Barrhead Travel
Review posted: 21/06/2010
J Wilson
Beware before booking with this website!!
They will quite happily take your money for hotels on their website that they can't actually book on their system.

We booked a holiday online and paid over 1,000. We received a confirmation email 10 minutes later with an order number and a link through to the 'Manage my Booking'of their website.
The order number didn't work, so we called Barrhead to then be told that the hotel was no longer available and the flights had increased substantially in price.
If that was the case, why did they still allow the credit card transaction to go through??

We then looked again online at 4 different hotels, to be told they didn't exist on their system!!
And, with the ones that did exist, we were told a much higher cost than that on the website!

When we tried to complain, we were met initially with a girl who was very helpful, but unfortunately was not a manager and not able to make any decisions based on our complaint. We were then passed through to the 'manager' for that day (Saturday the 8th May 2010), from whom I received, by far the worst 'customer service' I have ever experienced! Her negativity was astounding and for some reason she thought the best way to deal with this situation was to talk over me for 20 minutes saying 'you've got no reason to complain!' and offered no resolution.

We then asked for a refund, so we could go and book our relaxing holiday through another operator. The 'manager' said this would take up to 3 days to do! Aaargh!

Points of advice from a consumer to Barrhead...
1. Please check the availability of the hotels and/or flights BEFORE you take payment(This should be obvious!). Blaming the website is not the best course of action and is not appeasing.
2. Consider training your staff in the art of effective customer service...
Empathise, be positive, talk slowly and offer alternatives (we received quite the opposite on this occasion); even if the customer does not book a holiday, at least they receive a professional service and may even do business with you again.

Mind you, if they had actually read the comments on other review forums, they would have noticed this is not the first experience of this sort and would have responded accordingly!!
Review posted: 08/05/2010
me and my friends booked a club 18-30 holiday with barhead travel and now there sayin wee cant go to the apartments we booked and there trying to put us all in diffrent apartmrnts so a wouldnt recomend them.....
Review posted: 26/05/2009
Evelyn McIntyre
My friend and I are going to Paris soon. We booked this holiday at The Holiday Show in the SSEC. Great help at every step so far!
Review posted: 09/05/2009
Louise Watson
We booked a cruise to Alaska via Vancouver with Barrhead Travel.They changed our holiday without consulting us. According to package tour regulations we are entitled to a full refund of 3000. They have totally ignored 7 weeks of correspondence.
I would never recommend this company.
Review posted: 02/10/2008
Margaret Ward
Barrhead Travel is a good travel agent, I live near the barrhead branch and they do have good holidays at good prices.

I am thinking about going on a cruise this year or next to I will post another review when I find out how good barrhead are at cruises!
Review posted: 06/06/2008
Jason Donald
Not too bd travel agent, they have pretty much everything, holidays, flights, accommodation etc etc price is ok, can book online and their new city center shop is massive! would use again.
Review posted: 27/07/2007

There are no opening times set. Update this information.

80 Ayr Road
G77 6EP
phone number for Barrhead Travel at 80 Ayr Road0141-616 7250fax number for Barrhead Travel at 80 Ayr Road0870-429 2881
Barrhead Travel
No one has rated this branch yet
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There are no opening times set. Update this information.

190-194 Main Street
G78 1SL
phone number for Barrhead Travel at 190-194 Main Street0141 304 5900
Barrhead Travel
No one has rated this branch yet
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This is Barrhead Travel's main office located on Barrhead main street.

Customer Services Number:
0871 423 9754

Monday 09:00 - 17:30
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:30
Wednesday 09:00 - 17:30
Thursday 09:00 - 19:30
Friday 09:00 - 17:30
Saturday 09:00 - 18:00
Sunday 10:00 - 18:00

Telephone: 0141 304 5900

Services Offered:worldwide holidays, worldwide cruises, flights, cheap holidays, package holidays, UK breaks, city breaks, last minute holidays, skiing holidays and much much more.

Areas Served:Barrhead, Newton Mearns, Neilston, Glenburn, Paisley, foxbar, nitshill, pollok, southside Glasgow, West Scotland.

There are no reviews to display to display. Add a review.

There are no opening times set. Update this information.

Barrhead Travel Map:

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