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Travel Agent: Polani Travel Ltd

This is our Polani Travel Ltd travel agent page. We have listed the full address of Polani Travel Ltd, phone numbers and websites. Polani Travel Ltd is in Hounslow, Polani Travel Ltd offers cheap holidays, cheap flights, hotels, city breaks and travel insurance in Hounslow. This travel agent is in Hounslow

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Kingsley Road
phone number for Polani Travel Ltd at 84 02085777888fax number for Polani Travel Ltd at 84 02071173777
Polani Travel Ltd
2.2 out of 5 based on 6 ratings.
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Worse service I ever came across with. They are only good at selling and once sold they will not help you at all. I cancelled my ticket with them and they were supposed to refund within 4 to 6 weeks, however they never refunded the money. I got my money back through my credit card provider as I had all the proof of booking and cancellation.

They are so rude at telephone. I will never use their service again!

My booking agent was Sohail.
Review posted: 11/09/2013
This company have the EHIC rip off site
They charge you for the card application when it is free and use the NHS in their website address so that they come up in EHIC searches!!!
Proper SCAMMERS!!!
Review posted: 08/05/2013
good service provide by kay
Review posted: 30/10/2012
I DO NOT recommed Polani for ESTA applications! The official site charges $14 (fourteen US Dollars) and Polani charge 57.99 Euro !!!
They have 'disguised' their Polani site under a name(s) which makes it difficult to that it is not a USA official site.
Review posted: 19/09/2012
Are these people still operating from these premises does anyone know? I think i'll have to go and pay them a visit
Review posted: 31/08/2012
Denise Thornton
What a scam beware
Review posted: 22/03/2012
Lloyd Armstrong
BAD BAD Very Poor Corrupt and Lying company , Avoid at all costs
Review posted: 14/02/2012
Apparently people tend to leave feedback only if negative. I booked tickets with comefli,paid them the next day and e-tickets were issued the day after. NO PROBLEMS what so ever, all went very smooth. Spoke with Jenny on the phone she was very polite and helpful!
Review posted: 15/01/2012
This is possibly the worst travel agent I have ever had the misfortune of having to deal with. I strongly advise going elsewhere.
Review posted: 28/12/2011
Review posted: 09/11/2011
Avoid Polani Travel like the plague! They are rip-off merchants. I WILL BE REPORTING THEM TO THE BBC'S 'WATCHDOG' AND THE OTHER INVESTIGATIVE GEM, 'ROGUE TRADERS'.
Review posted: 27/07/2010

There are no opening times set. Update this information.

84 Kingsley Road
phone number for Polani Travel Ltd at 84 Kingsley Road020 85777888fax number for Polani Travel Ltd at 84 Kingsley Road020 85702540
Polani Travel Ltd
2.3 out of 5 based on 464 ratings.
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full starfull starhalf starno starno star
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absoulotue rubbish people no self respect just respect money.

especially that asim he is like plague .

avoid them
Review posted: 27/06/2013
Review posted: 20/09/2012
Lloyd Armstrong
Very Poor BAD BAD Lying , Corrupt , Wont Issue Ticket, AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!
Review posted: 14/02/2012
Worse travel afgent i have ever used. No tickets issued and even after paying and two days before flight still have not conbfirmation. Do not use them under any circumstances, they are crooks...
Review posted: 14/10/2011
I contacted Polani as I needed an immediate ESTA for an trip to the US.
I filled in the request template on line and paid the £29.99 for the service.
I was then informed that they would send me the ESTA in the next 24 hours. This was obviously no good as I was at the airport due to fly so I immediately emailed them and cancelled the request for the ESTA.
I obtained the ESTA from another company who delivered it immediately.
It is now three weeks since this happened and I have neither received an ESTA number or a refund of the money despite emailing someone called Alan 3 times.
In short they have taken my £29.99 and not provided me with the ESTA number or a refund of the money.
I know this amount is minimal in comparison to some of the letters on this forum but it shows they are still being dishonest now.
Avoid them if you can.
Review posted: 07/10/2011
N Bramwell
These agents run a "scam" web site for ESTA applications. They charge £30 for an application that you can do direct for £9. Be wary if using a search engine for ESTA and then make sure you dont use one hosted by Polani Travel. However, when checking back I found it impossible to tell whether I was entering the right web site until it came to payment time!!! I now have no idea whether my wife's application resulted in a genuine authorisation.
Review posted: 05/10/2011
I booked with these guys a couple of years a go. I did notice the guy was a bit forceful and not that friendly. The flight was booked and all was OK.

However, after I made the booking then my visa card had been used without me knowing and was blocked by my back for fraudulent activity (thank god!) Coincidence perhaps? But after reading the reviews on this agent, I wouldn’t book with them even though they are cheap. STAY WELL AWAY!

Review posted: 23/09/2011
Julie Vickers
I applied for 2 x visa's for the USA and typed in ESTA on the internet stupidly not realising that there wouild be agents undertaking to do this for a fat fee and not appreciatijng this until after the payment had been made and then seeing that the billing would be Polani Travel. Too late they have all of the details and have debited your card. The costs of a visa is just $14 and yet Polani charged £29.99 saying it was to cover admin fees. What admin fees this is just an online application and they do nothing. However it was my stupidity and it is a lesson to learn and so i just want others to be aware of this and NEVER apply through Polani Travel for this service. I am trying to get a refund but know they will not be willing to do this so I will just have to swallow th additional and unnecesary cost.
Review posted: 22/09/2011
Julie Vickers
I applied for 2 x visa's for the USA and typed in ESTA on the internet stupidly not realising that there wouild be agents undertaking to do this for a fat fee and not appreciatijng this until after the payment had been made and then seeing that the billing would be Polani Travel. Too late they have all of the details and have debited your card. The costs of a visa is just $14 and yet Polani charged £29.99 saying it was to cover admin fees. What admin fees this is just an online application and they do nothing. However it was my stupidity and it is a lesson to learn and so i just want others to be aware of this and NEVER apply through Polani Travel for this service. I am trying to get a refund but know they will not be willing to do this so I will just have to swallow th additional and unnecesary cost.
Review posted: 22/09/2011
Saeid Ghassemnejad
WARNING, STAY AWAY FROM POLANI TRAVEL AND FLIGHT CATCHERS! Very poor service. Customers just beware of them! RIP OFF AND THIEVES. They have made a mistake on the travel dates and will not refund me any of my money or change the date of the ticket. It has cost me £600 for a new ticket. I am taking this issue farther. This people should not be allowed to get away with this kind of thing. The UK has laws to protect the consumer from cowboys like POLANI TRAVEL.
Looking at all the other complaints I think that we should all make complaints to the TRADING STANDARDS, ABTA – Association of British Travel Agents And AITO – Association of Independent Travel Agent. It’s the only way to stop cowboys.

Review posted: 13/09/2011
We had booked tickets for 7 people to Kenya and paid £357 deposit to hold the tickets/fare and was also charged an extra £20 in case of any delays to cover hotel fees. Remaining balance of £3933 was paid a 2 and half weeks later. When the deposit had been paid we had received a confirmation email. 2 weeks before the date of travel we received a call stating we had no tickets and we would have to rebook but the fare will be substantially more. After arguing at the office for 6 hours they then agreed to book our seats on Swiss air. As a family we had booked tours and hotels in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania which all had to be cancelled and re-arranged and missed a family wedding. These were also paid in full and did not receive a full refund, nor was i compenstated by the agent. To cut a long story short the staff are rude, incompetent and are trained to con their customers. I will be taking further action and informing trading standards.

Review posted: 02/09/2011
From the moment we called we found Polani to be very rude and although their flight quote was the best around we decided to check out their review page etc. Thank goodness we didn't book with them. Reading these reviews has made us book direct with Quantas. Thank you for all your posts.
Review posted: 30/08/2011
Meiling CHU
I was so upset with these guys! They are telling lies all the time! After they got your money, they turned to be rude and put your phone down! Or lie to you and let you wait but nothing come! They told you the flight you booked isn't available anymore, you need to pay more for other airlines! Once I refused, they are going to tell lies and let you wait! One hour, half hour, one hour, another half hour, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, never stop! I am going to report them to the trading standards if I don't get the tickets tonight! They are liars, thieves!!!!
Review posted: 29/08/2011
Victim Of Crime
Do not use or polani travel or comefli, it is all the same theiving stealing liar working from a home address, check it out on google street view. They stole money from us when all we did was enquire about a flight, we hadn't even booked, we even made it clear it was an initial enquiry. We were lucky as they only stole £102, they tried to steal £800. They are absolute crimals. They should not be allowed to operate. Surely this blatently fraudulent behaviour should not be allowed to continue. Can trading standards or the police not step in. The most important thing is please nobody use them. Whatever you do, don't give them your card details under any circumstances. They are thieving scum. I hope karma gets them in the end. dirty lying scumbags.
Review posted: 23/08/2011
Mike Eagles
Worse travel afgent i have ever used. No tickets issued and even after paying and two days before flight still have not conbfirmation.
Do not use them under any circumstances, they are crooks
Review posted: 15/08/2011
Mike Eagles
never use this company, they dont issue tickets and just lie. Worse agent i have used
Review posted: 14/08/2011
the worst travel agent ever....stay away,they over charge me n stil havnt refund me as they promise to do so...very very bad customers service.....
Review posted: 11/08/2011
On the 27th April 2011 I purchased a set of flight tickets from an Agent Polani Travel based in Hounslow Middx , over the website . The amount was £1130.00. The problem is when I reached payments page and entered my visa card details , the website crashed!! So I phoned the offices of theTravel Agency on 0207 183 1814 and connected with a male agent agent called ‘Tanha’. I spoke to him and explained that I tried to make a payment on his website and the page crashed , so if possible could he check if payment went through or not . He fully confirmed ( as in enclosed emails) that NO Payment from debit card ending in 6030 has come through with the name of Shama Ashfaq. So he asked that if I would like to book he can do it over the phone. Great yes , so I booked the tickets over the phone with the same debit card ending in 6030. Problem is later on that evening when I logged into my internet banking I noticed over £2000 had been deducted ??? This Initially I knew was probably something to do with the failed ticket order on the website , which when I saw a few days later in my internet banking statement was infact 2 bookings from Polani travel. I immediately phoned Polani offices in London and asked to speak to a supervisor name of Ronnie , I explained what happened as above and he agreed to refund me 1 set of tickets as it shouldn’t have been double booked. This he told me would take aprox 4 – 5 weeks for refund. I agreed and we left it at that on a good note.
On the 27 May 2011 I received a refund from Polani travel but for the amount of £880.00 , that’s £250.00 short of what was supposed to come back. I phoned the offices of polani travel and was unable to get through to a supervisor or Mr Ronnie as he was unavailable ??? I emailed him but I haven’t received a reply , It is not my fault there was a double booking because the agent Mr Tanha confirmed no payment had come out of the web booking when it infact it had done , so why they are holding back £250.00 I don’t know , they are refusing to answer my queries , Im on the verge of reporting them to the Police or Fraud squad if this don’t get sorted because this is theft!!
Review posted: 09/08/2011
Jane Vernon
This company are terrible and I advise everyone to stay away from them. I am currently telling all my friends and family not to go near them. They are cheap but after our experience it is false economy.
We turned up at the airport having booked and paid fo 4 tickets to Turkey. When we got to check they told us my son didn't have a ticket booked or a place on the the plane. I had phoned comefli the day before to double check my son's ticket as he didn't have a reference number next to his name. The person I spoke to said it didn't matter but I asked for a reference number anyway. He gave me a number that I think he just made up!! It didn't exist. We had 2 hours of hell as when we phoned the company they were totally incompetent and didn't seem to comprehend the problem we had. We ended up getting our flight but only thanks to the staff at Swiss air and Manchester airport. When I came back and made a complaint the person I had dealt with effectively told me it was an oversight on my part. I have registered this complaint with the office of fair trading and I encourage anyone with bad experiences of this company to do the same. I would like to see them investigated. It seems a lot of people have lost money and had their holidays ruined because of them - which is devestating. BE WARNED
Review posted: 06/08/2011
FLIGHT CATCHERS part of POLANI TRAVEL are definitely a bad news. stay well clear of them.

Also "Come Fly Pak"
Review posted: 06/08/2011

Do not book with this company!!!!

I had a flight booked from feb and in june when tickets were to be sent i didn't receive them . When I called I was told I didn't have any flight it had been cancelled with no full explanation why. I was sent a confirmation email with all virgin details from Feb so I was horrified with this news.

No customer service and was horrified to find out that there call centre is in India which is not stated on their web site. They told me there was nothing they could do. no allternative flight and there were no affordable flights at this late stage. They agreed to book another flight I found it was more money but they paid the deposit and said when I received the refund I should pay for the flight and the outstanding balance they would cover it but when I received my refund they refused to pay the outstanding balance and said that if I cancelled they will take the 300 that they paid from my account. They wanted me to pay the deference which was totally unacceptable as this was there mistake not mine. Had to re-book holiday else where cost me a lot more at this late stage and also lost out on pre booked hotel plus could only go for 2 weeks not 3 as flight prices were not affordable at that late stage.

I also had to change account details and card as they tried to attempt fraud!!!

Dont go near this company they are a waste of time and not professional!!!!!!!!!
Review posted: 30/07/2011
Mary B
my hubby booked a flight for two to this agency, he used credit card to pay but then his pin no, didnt came thru yet,the agent has to asked secured no,from the bank,while waiting for the authorisation, another agency sounds like intriguing that makes as alarmed,so i asked my hubby to check the agency reviews or feedback. After reading through,We decided to cancel the the bookings...and this were the hell begins...the agent called Sam, is so rude, his harassing us, never stopped calling us in every 5 minutes.As if you dont have the right to cancell any transactions, even if itwas no confirmed yet.sooo rude... agents...
Review posted: 21/07/2011
Don't ever deal with these sharks.
Review posted: 20/07/2011
Worst travel company ever!!! Over Christmas 2010 period we booked with Flights Catchers, have been redirected to Polany Travel, they charged our card than and than and never bothered to issue with tickets. When 2 weeks later my husband telephoned and asked what is actually going on, girl on the phone was extremely rude and told us, they don’t issue etickets, than after few minutes of screaming and legal threats from our point, she was agreed to email etickets. To our shock email arrived and it was… our itinerary not tickets. Back on the phone. Arguments. Asked for a manager, nothing happened. In desperation checked with Austrian airlines, we were on the flight, left it at that. Worst experience ever!!! Very unprofessional stuff and fraudulent policies.
Review posted: 20/07/2011
Brian Moroney
Do not buy flight tickets with these people.
I booked a return flight and after making payment was told I had booked a one way flight.
They are extremely rude and just refuse to talk to you.
I have reported this experience to by credit card company who have opened a dispute case.
I have reported this experience to my local police fraud department.
I have also reported this company to the trading standards in Hounslow.
It is absolutely disgraceful that when considering this company's trading history and severe distress it has caused customers that it is continuing to be honoured by credit card companies.
I intend taking my case to whatever is required in order to stop this scum from ripping off other innocent victims.
Credit card companies please stop dealing with these criminals.
Trading Standards please stop this company from trading.
Review posted: 14/07/2011
I have never had an experience like the one i had with polani travel agent.they are trained climinals who lie all the time.i lost 500pounds with them and it was god i was to lose more.lets join hands and take them to court and the law deal with them.
Review posted: 08/07/2011
I concur with the bad experiences described below. It looks like this company has a set method of extorting money from honest customers who then end up out of pocket and having to deal with a huge amount of hassle, rudeness and dishonesty. I paid for 2 flights and when I got to the airport there was no booking. When I phoned Polani Travel, they told me a pack of lies (1) I cancelled the seats (2) the airline cancelled the flight (3) there were no seats available, all of which were false. I had to buy 2 more seats at the airport on the same flight which cost me an extra £834. They also told me they had refunded my money, another lie, and are insistent even though my bank and statements show the bleeding obvious which is that they have not made the refund. I am still trying to get this back. THIS COMPANY IS COMMITING FRAUD AND SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN. KEEP AWAY. I am going to report them. I wish I had seen the reviews beforehand.
Review posted: 05/07/2011
Andrew Scott
Booked a flight to Cincinnati and received the confirmation.Then they told me there was something wrong with my card,which was a lie because I checked with my bank.Fact is their website was out of date,it wasn't a direct flight as they said on the site and the price was wrong so they decided to lie about the card.When my wife phoned they were rude and hung up on her.I will be telling everyone I know to steer clear of this company.They are cheats and liars.
Review posted: 04/07/2011
We all need to stand together and report companies like these. I have lodged my complaint with their local pilice just in case anything comes off my card. Luckily enough it was not a hguge sum of money but hey it is always worth checking reviews like these when dealing with people like them The sales representative could hardly speak or write a word of english and how the government allows foregn nationals that can hardly communicate leaves a lot to be dfesired. They need to be closed down.
Review posted: 04/07/2011
i am taking tickets from this travel agent since 6 yrs and i havnt got any problem yet, yes i know travel agent hang around you but dont make payment untill you are not satisfied. pay once you get email confirmation of reservation and if you paying by credit or debit card you shouldnt be worried about and you can call straight away to that particular airline to confirm your flight.
Review posted: 04/07/2011
Euralisa J
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. They lied to me over the phone about price of flight, took my card details and then told me the actual price was much higher than originally quoted, was actually a flight for a earlier time, not the date I though I was booking. They are also known as flightcathers, comefli. Stay well clear.
Review posted: 02/07/2011
Basically it seems to me to be a scam for taking online bookings at prices for which they cannot deliver the tickets. They then send you a slightly garbled email or text saying there is a security problem with your credit card, and hoping you'll call them with a different card for which you will be invited to pay a little extra as the prices have gone up in the meantime(to the amount you could have booked with the airline). Better still you might offer a debit card for the second payment and lose any insurance` protection you may have had with the credit card you used first. Good luck!
Review posted: 29/06/2011

Review posted: 29/06/2011
agree with the other comments left here, beyond doubt the worst company I have ever dealt with, they are scandallously rubbish at doing anything you ask them, and possibly the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I am trying to wring refunded taxes out of them nearly 4 months later!
Review posted: 23/06/2011
We were very pleasantly surprised that the "Journeys and Discoveries" part of this organisation provided an ALMOST PERFECT service during our 21 day tour of 10 cities across India in April 11. The Reps, drivers and guides arrived on time, were knowledgeable and supportive, adapting their service to match our changing requirements without question. Well done Natasha in Hounslow, and Shane and his team in India!
Review posted: 13/05/2011
Adam A

Very similar experience with Polani Travel aka Flightcatchers aka ComFli.

You have no problem finding a cheap flight, booking and paying. They then say that the flight is no longer available but can get you a different flight with a different airline at a greatly inflated price. When you decide not to take them up on this “offer”, getting your money back proves extremely difficult. All agents you have previously dealt with are conveniently not available and nobody else is able to deal with your request. Even the threat of legal action seems to get you nowhere. I well may have lost my money.

Has anyone actually received a refund from them?

Review posted: 17/04/2011
I was reading reviews as we were dealing with this company and was very nervous however I can only say they did everything quickly and efficiently.we had the e-tickets within a day and because of reviews I contacted Delta straightaway and they confirmend our flights were booked and ours was not a straightforward return due to our needs and they met this request also can't fault them.they more than met my expectations
Review posted: 14/04/2011
Without Hope
I really wish I had read the reviews for this company before I booked tickets through them.

Step 1 - They promise a great deal.
Step 2 - They take a deposit of £50 per ticket with your credit card.
Step 3 - They get authorisation from your credit card which means the full ticket price (£800 in my case) is reserved from your credit card.
Step 4 - They then reject the payment (even though it's the same care used for the deposit) and then expect you to authorise another
Step 5 - If you refuse (smart option rather than authorise another £800) they keep the deposit.

Review posted: 10/04/2011
Disgusting! Took a 'deposit' and did not either email me or phone me. When I tried calling, told me that the chap was taking a break. So far, I am still waiting for the refund or a phone call.

Will report this to Trading Standards and IATA. Somebody ought to stop these conmen.
Review posted: 07/04/2011
Big Scam

The rest of this review can not be displayed due to the amount of bad language.
Review posted: 31/03/2011
First of all, these guys are doing it to thousands of people all year round. Why? Because no one complains properly. Trading Standards will only send them a letter but TV and Radio can make a difference.

These crooks. Also with the following website.

Have ripped off so many people the number of sites I have found with complaints is unbelievable yet they continue to steal our hard earned money.

Contact the RIP OFF BRITAIN TV show (Details below). They will listen and they can have an effect. Do it now.


Rip Off Britain
PO BOX 4360
M61 0DY

Review posted: 29/03/2011
Also been ripped off, payed with a debit card for flights to south africa and they have not issued the eticket. Nobody is taking my call.

This is there really addres but the way
SW17 9JQ
Company No. 03652563
Review posted: 21/03/2011
Andy The Scouse
bunch of losers. report them to the oft, to the iata everywhere because they have totally missold us a package and are refusing to back down! and are part of Its a huge joke this company and they are flagrantly abusing their position.

Review posted: 21/03/2011
Would all the disturbed, cheated and grieved customers contact me to arrange a common ground to put this co out of business? My credit card has been debited last Fri (Mar 11,2011) and up to now no e-ticket but tons of excuses (moving offices, email down, server down etc). The sum is Pds2,853 and I suspect there could be foul play. If others are in a similar position then it is quite likely they are scamming as much money and about to close shop and run away with the money.
Review posted: 19/03/2011
Laura Rawlings
Everything went according to the plan and itinerary - which was very full. Agents were very prompt in each location as we travelled around India. Driver we had for 8 days during the Golden Triangle trip was excellent, most courteous and helpful. Guides in each location knew their stuff. Exciting, informative and very interesting and would recommend the company without hesitation.
Review posted: 18/03/2011
Dear Natasha,

What an amazing trip!!!

We all enjoyed every second.
You promised so much and delivered it all.

Your colleagues in India met us on schedule at every location, your drivers were courteous and friendly. The travel arrangements worked like clockwork.

I was a little nervous on the plane, but at the airport your representative met us and the holiday began and ended without a problem.

I have no hesitation in recommending you to all our friends and will definitely be using your services in the future.

The children did not want to go to India but have now decided that once they are older they will without doubt visit again.

Many Thanks
Tony, Lesley, James, Dawn and Rebeka
10th August 2010.
Review posted: 18/03/2011
this company cheating, we book ticket weak befor, they get thet money for this but for us nothink.
Review posted: 18/03/2011
Rafiullah Safi
They are thieves and liars.Stay away, they are only after your money. They took my money and didn\'t issue me the tickets I paid for. They told me they were issued and sent to me, but when I called Austrian airlines which the tickets were for they told me the tickets hadnt been paid for. When I tried to call polani ltd, they kept lying to me, and hanging up on me. They are an absolute disgrace to travel agents....
Review posted: 18/03/2011
please never use this company they are cheaters, Daysy,just talking to get a money, but nothing more after even not answring the phone...
Review posted: 18/03/2011
Please beware of these people the charged my card and i have never even heard of there agency. I've never been anywhere near the UK. PLEASE BEWARE. I've haven't even taken any kind of travel.
Review posted: 13/03/2011
These thieving **** are holding on to my money since November last year. Every time I called they would tell me a lie about the airline not paying them back the money as yet. Well guess what? I contacted the airline and was told they they paid the money back to Polani Travel in february 2011. now I am going to have to take tham to the small claims court to get it back. If you know of anyone who is going abroad please, please ask them not to use Polani Travel. They are thieves. I wished I had read this review before booking with them.

Review posted: 10/03/2011
thanks guys for comments, I was going to book family tickets as found there name on compareticket site
best place is to complain IATA with this page reference.
thanks again to save me

B saini
Review posted: 08/03/2011
Q Baig
I have just booked some tickets with this company through a man called ALVIN from Manchester to Islamabad. I have had the best experience. I cannot fault the service I have received. Maybe its the other members of staff that are giving a bad service. Always ask for ALVIN on extension 418, he is the BEST. Everything was as promised, emails on time, e-ticket on time, always got through to him, he always replied to my emails promptly. The price was perfect!

I double checked with Qatar and everything was as Alvin said.

Remember: ALVIN on extension 418. He also speaks Lahori Punjabi, even better.
Review posted: 02/03/2011
Mrs Lee
I paid my £500 deposit towards incredibly cheap tickets at Christmas (10 months away) and was promised bulhead seats on both leg of the journey.
I suddenly realised that seats are not issued till much closer to the time. When I received confirmation of my booking they had added £30 booking charge per person and £40 insurance per person. Neither of these charges were discussed on the phone. When I rang them back they put the phone down on me!!
Luckily I quickly cancelled my credit card so no money was taken out....after reading all these reviews I realise I would have definitely have been ripped off.
Review posted: 28/02/2011
Miss Lee
This is the worst travel agency I've ever had to deal with. They lie through their teeth. I'm reporting them along with every evidence to my Local Trading Standard Service as adviced by the Office of Fair Trading. They hold my tickets for over 2 weeks (still haven't received my tickets) and kept lying that they will guarantee to E-mail my tickets within next 3 hours, 2-3 days, next half an hour...just never happened! They never went through or gave me their terms and conditions before I made my purchase. No receipt was issued either when I made my payment. I'm still waiting for my refund for their breach of contract because they are asking me for more money after 13 days (only found out when I called them). They need to be STOPPED!
Review posted: 24/02/2011
D Parmar
I got a little worried when reading some of the reviews. Fortunately, I got a best price and the eTicket issued without any fuss. No complains.
Review posted: 23/02/2011
This is my email adress .please contact me for refund and futher action.
Review posted: 23/02/2011
I would never use this travel agency again. I have had so much trouble getting my money back from them. They are discourteous and hang up the phone when you(the customer are talking to them).
Since November last year I have been trying to get a refund on my flight that was cancelled because of the bad weather on the 1st of December2010. I spoke to a person called Colin and ask for my money back so I could book a flight on another airline. He refused and told me it would take ten weeks for me to get my money back. Now, it has been more than ten weeks and I called him to find out if the money had been paid back into my account. He told me it had been paid back. i checked my account and up to now (18th Feb.2011) it has not been paid back. So now I am just waiting for ABTA to get back to me and if I am not satisfied I will take them to the small claims court.
Review posted: 18/02/2011
DO NOT USE THEM! They charged us for completely the wrong flight and refused to change it unless we 'cancelled in writing' so they could charge us a £300 cancellation fee. We had to threaten legal action and badger them for a month to get our (full) refund however we fully expected to have to take them to court.

If you have been caught out by them first try to get you money back via the credit card company or ask your bank to do a 'chargeback' if paid by debit card. Also contact 'Consumer Direct' for advice and to help get this company shut down....they are crooks!

Review posted: 16/02/2011

I have also been a victim to this fraudulent company.i would v

claim that hey have the worst customer service and completely ignorant managers who insist on remain anonymous even when i requested their name to complain. I was humiliated by this company and was told point blank by them that i would nit receive a refund. This all started on the 12th of February when i found the number of Polani travels on the internet whilst searching for my international tickets for India. the number was not from the polani site but must have been a 'sister' company.

after many broken promises of call backs and a fast approaching deadline my patience finally run out. I have now reported them to Hounslow Police as this is clearly a case of obtaining money by deception. I am also going to approach their local newspaper to get as much negative press for the company. I pad out £600+ for nothing if anyone has similar cases please contact me at the following email. I am looking to set up a petition to lobby the Hounslow MP to get this company shut down and prevent further misery for people. or
Review posted: 15/02/2011
I am so dissapointed with the service of Polani Travels. They hasve mentally absued me and humiliated me threatning me that they would not give my money back which accounts to £636 pounds.

It so happened that I booked a flight with Emirates dates 21/02/2011 and I spoke to a consultant last Saturday. I went ahead in booking the flight. I also deposited 100 pounds and then after I have deposited the whole amount the say that the flight is cancelled.

They never call me and every time I ring them up asking as to can I know who I am speaking to they do not even reveal their names.

The manager was so offensive that he abused me and as I am a patient of anxiety I was about to collapse while I was on the phone at my work place of whicH I can provide eyewitnesses.

Please enybody do suggest me a way to go ahead and Sue this dodgy company and get it locked for ever so that they do not humiliate others like they have done to me.

Review posted: 15/02/2011
What a rubbish company to deal with.
No scene of customer service. No reply to my emails. No knowledge of Air Transport Industry.
Avoid them.

Review posted: 15/02/2011
I am so dissapointed with the service of Polani Travels. They hasve mentally absued me and humiliated me threatning me that they would not give my money back whihc accounts to £636 pounds.

It so happened that I booked a flight with Emirates dates 21/02/2011 and I spoke to a consultant last Saturday. I went ahead in booking the flight. I also deposited 100 pounds and then after I have deposited the whole amount the say that the flight is cancelled.

They never call me and every time I ring them up asking as to can I know who I am speaking to they do not even reveal their names.

The manager was so offensive that he abused me and as I am a patient of anxiety I was about to collapse while I was on the phone at my work place of whicH I can provide eyewitnesses.

Please enybody do suggest me a way to go ahead and Sue this dodgy company and get it locked for ever so that they do not humiliate others like they have done to me.

Review posted: 15/02/2011
BEWARE OF POLANI TRAVELS ! They are frauds ! It has been 3 months and they have yet not refunded my tickets despite me making dozens of calls to the agents and or "customer relations" department ! I am a student and they ripped me off 770 pounds ! I am currently in the process of registering a police case against them
Review posted: 15/02/2011
Awful company and terrible service!!

Was booking a flight and advised incorrect information about the details of irtinerary over the phone. Paid only for a deposit, as I wanted this emailed over to me before paying the full amount. This is where I spotted the error on their part. The person on the phone could hardly speak english, and the supervisor said she was too busy to sort out the problem and put the phone down.

Luckily I googled the name of the company and found all the bad reviews. I only paid a £50 deposit so would rather lose this than £600+ ticket. Have also cancelled my card if they attempt any unauthorised charges.

I have now bought my ticket with a reputable company.

As others have said STAY AWAY!

Review posted: 12/02/2011
Stephen Blakey
Have just been forced to get my credit card supplier involved.

Booked flights with this company (under their other name - Flightcatchers) last month and they confirmed via email. Two days later they rang me and advised that the price had gone up by £90 a ticket and did I want to cancel or go ahead.

Being aware of this type of scam I obviously told them to cancel.

My credit card statement arrived today and no surprises, the refund was not on it but the payment was. I spoke to Polani Travel and they insisted that a repayment had been made two weeks ago. Spoke with my CC supplier straight afterwards and they have immediately referred it to their Fraud Department.


Review posted: 10/02/2011
DONT EVER USE POLANI TRAVEL. My mother fell ill before travalling to the US. well done to Ammerican Airline who very quickly refunded the total ammount. Unfortunatly it was sent to Polani Trvel on the 10 November 2010 to be forwarded on to my mother. Only after repeted letters and telephone call's which were ignored or disconected and the final threat of legal action via the small claimes court, citizens advice and Tradining standards did they finaly return the owed ammount on 9 Feb 2011 of £832. What type of organisation has their customer care telephone on constant answere machine and never returns calls.
Review posted: 09/02/2011
Hamit Ozcelik
this is the worst company I have ever seen. I would not recommend to anybody. Never again. This is the biggest mistake I have ever done to buy ticket from them. Do not forget they can catch you with other names. Flightcathers is one of them.
Review posted: 31/01/2011

Polani travel and all associated companies (flight catchers to say!) are absolute fraud, dishonest and nightmare! I am dealing with them currently and have the exact same experience! They charged £1159 to my American Express card, allowing me to pay online for the tickets that I wanted to book, yet ‘forgot’ to update their website and mention, that they DO NOT ACCEPT AMERICAN EXPRESS anymore! As a result I have £1159 pending from my credit card (the credit card is authorised automatically), but have no tickets! Cannot get through to their accounts/refunds department, their staff is rude, lying and incompetent and there is no interest on their side to help you! They put the phone down on you as soon as you want to speak with manager. I called at 4PM and was informed that ‘ all accounts and reservation department has left for the day’…. When asked about their working hours, I was informed that apparently they work until 6PM (sic!)…
Nobody will put you through the manager!
Nobody will resolve the issue!
They take your money and that’s where the so-called ‘Customer Service’ ends!
Completely dreadful experience. Please pay a few pounds extra and book directly with the airline, what you ‘save’ is not worth the experience! I am fighting to get my money back and have no tickets! The e-mail addresses to various departments on Polani Travel website and Flight Catchers website are all either non-existent or wrong, as all e-mails bounced back to me!
This company is disgrace to tourism industry and I will make sure Trading Standards will look closely into their practices!
Review posted: 25/01/2011
Worst Customer Experience Ever! Stay Away from Polani Travel and Flight Catchers!

Polani travel and all associated companies (flight catchers to say!) are absolute fraud, dishonest and nightmare! I am dealing with them currently. They charged £1159 to my American Express card, allowing me to pay online for the tickets that I wanted to book, yet ‘forgot’ to update their website and mention, that they DO NOT ACCEPT AMERICAN EXPRESS anymore! As a result I have £1159 pending from my credit card (the credit card is authorised automatically), but have no tickets! As a result, the amount of £1159 went through processing with my credit card company, yet I was informed by Polani Travel/Flight Catchers, that they cannot issue me tickets, as the transaction ‘hasn’t been authorised’.
I have no tickets, yet the amount of £1159, which they allow to go through processing via online transaction has been charged to my credit card.
Because they don’t accept AMEX, but accepted it as an online method of payment, the transaction was automatically triggered to be processed. I tried whole day to get through to them and get their confirmation, that they will abort (void) the process. Many times the rude staff put the phone down on me or lied, that there is no manager I can speak to.
The staff also refused to give their names.
Tried again the next day (today) to get through to their accounts/refunds department, their staff is rude, lying and incompetent and there is no interest on their side to help you! They put the phone down on you as soon as you want to speak with manager. I called at 4PM and was informed that ‘ all accounts and reservation department has left for the day’…. When asked about their working hours, I was informed that apparently they work until 6PM (sic!)…
Nobody will put you through the manager!
Nobody will resolve the issue!
They take your money and that’s where the so-called ‘Customer Service’ ends!
When asked about head office address (just to verify, as I already found it on the internet), and told them I will send a complaint letter, the person on the other side of the phone laughed to my face.

I still don’t know if they aborted the transaction.

Completely dreadful experience. Please pay a few pounds extra and book directly with airline, what you ‘save’ is not worth the experience! I am fighting to get my money back and have no tickets! The e-mail addresses to various departments on Polani Travel website and Flight Catchers website are all either non-existent or wrong, as all e-mails bounced back to me!

Review posted: 24/01/2011
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE FRAUDSTERS. ANY POSITIVE REVIEWS WILL AHVE BEEN LEFT BY EMPLOYEES. THIS IS A HUGE SCAM. They will take your money and reserve the seats with the airline so you think everything is OK. Then they will not send you your tickets, no matter how many times you call or e-mail. You will then find your seats have been cancelled wit the airline becasue polani/comefli did not issue your tickets in time. Basically, they will keep your money and you will not get your flight tickets. COMPLETE THIEVES
Review posted: 21/01/2011
AVOID AT ALL COSTS. A person called Fahim booked the flights for us, but never told us 1 month after that the airline cancelled one of the connecting flights. We then had to travel back to a different airport from where we left and had a 12 hour wait for a connecting flight. We discovered the change when we confirmed the flights, but when I discussed the issue with Fahim, he said he will check and call me back. He never did and when I tried to contact him, he was "unavailable". After E-mailing and calling about 20+ times, I was able to speak to a supervisor, Jill, who was equally unhelpful. Basically they told me "Too Bad" as there was nothing they wanted to do. I explained that flightcatchers was at fault as they never informed me of the change. If they did, I could have made alternate travel arrangements. They blamed the airline(????). AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Review posted: 21/01/2011
WARNING WARNING WARNING - have been completly ripped off by this company paid for flights in full over £4,000 then told they no longer available and will have to pay double the price. As soon as they have your money they are rude, hard faced and definatley think they are above the law. has anyone had any luck with legal action
Review posted: 12/01/2011
Andrew Farmer
BEWARE THIS TRAVEL AGENCY!!! It is a bogus agency that takes your payment and never issue you with an E-ticket! I have got conned, as have others so DO NOT under any curcumstances book any tickets with this company.
Review posted: 05/01/2011
Disgruntled Customer
My flight was cancelled due to the heavy snow over the Christmas holidays. In my desperation to get home I called flightcatchers and was told that I can get a flight out. I gladly paid my fare which cost an arm and a leg. Unfortunately they could not get a flight confirmation and so I was promised a refund. When I spoke to one man he said he had sorted things out and I should get my money within 3 working days. Three days came and went and no money.I called again only to be told by another man that there wasn't any record to show that my money was in the process of being refunded. He however promised to have it refunded but only the initial down payment was refunded. I called again and spoke with the woman who initially did the transaction only to be told by her that in 2 days time I would get the balance.

Can someone please tell me if there is any law in this country to deal with white collared thieves. What is the procedure for reporting them to the Office of Fair Trading? I would never encourage anyone to buy tickets or conduct any sort of business with these rats.They are highway robbers and to make matters worse they behave as if I should not ask them for my hard earned money.

Review posted: 04/01/2011
I bought a ticket for June online through Flightcatchers (they're connect to Polani Travel), my e-ticket came a few minutes later, but after a few days my account hasn't been debited yet so I e-mailed them to make sure it had actually gone through.

They replied saying my transaction had been processed so I guess it will just take another day or 2 for the money to come out, though after reading these negative reviews on various websites I became worried and actually phoned United Airlines just to make sure I was actually on the flight, everything checks out and the person at the other end of the line told me the details on my e-ticket so I'm actually on the flight, no worries. :)

I'm not sure what could have contributed to everyone else's negative experiences, maybe the management at this agency wasn't so great at the time? I'm actually pleased with the service.
Review posted: 04/01/2011
Xavier De Bergeyck
Does anyone know where one could file a complaint against Polani Travel Limited?

Review posted: 03/01/2011
Bobby Bullock
Thieves. They have taken £1200 of my money, won't issue the e-ticket, and are refusing a refund. I am supposed to leave today and will now have to go to the airport and hope to get another ticket. Have no time to pursue this now, but if your reading this DO NOT do any business with this company. A very hard lesson learned indeed.
Review posted: 24/12/2010
Mr Robert Leck
Booked Hols to Tokyo with Polani for me and my son. On last day my son took ill and we missed our return flight (just) - even though we were at the Gate 20mins before flight took off !! Finnair said ticket was 'not' transferable to next available flight ? and demanded £1,000 each for me and my son to get home, and that was that!!! NO COMPROMISE. So as i write this email we are both stuck in Tokyo Airport Hotel watching funds dwindle and praying(Tears too).
Review posted: 23/12/2010
Awful company - couldnt arrange two flights, kept swapping times and airlines even though I didnt request them to and then when I cancelled becasue they were so useless they charged me for flights they had never booked. Avoid this company, they are worse than useless-they are malicious and they try to scam you. You have been warned.

Review posted: 14/12/2010
Please for god’s sake don't use this airline, their prices may be a little cheaper than others but it is totally worth paying the extra amount and getting the service and peace of mind. I have never written a review as such but these people have made my blood boil so much that it has forced me to! Absolute terrible service, they made a total mess of my ticket (which never got booked) then put me onto another flight which was a major inconvenience to me and still didn’t get my tickets sent through till I pestered them. Oh and not to mention the attitude they put up with their sill western names, all there good at is hanging up the phone!

Please don't use them!

Review posted: 11/12/2010
Angry Customer

Review posted: 09/12/2010
liers and cheaters. I will report them to trading standard agency
Review posted: 03/12/2010
Worst company ever! They took my money and never got me a confirmation. I still havent got my refund after 1 month and have gone to consumer direct to seek compensation.

Dont ever use this travel agent!
Review posted: 02/12/2010
i bought tickets from polani travels from the agent denny, james, they mislead you alot, the travelling was from turkish airlines, they cancelled the booking on the basis that a full refund will be given and they changed there statement that passenger will not get any full refund. i am telling you i confirmed with turkish airlines they said agency is putting money in there pocket. DO NOT GO TO THIS AGNCY, THEY ARE FRAUD, TYPICAL PAKISTANIS, they will not help you at all. poor service
Review posted: 01/12/2010
Mike Fife
Unbelievably difficult company to deal with. Steer clear, I got the run around for three weeks before I got the tickets which were not for the days that I wanted. Frustrating and not worth the saving. In the end I had to take more time off work than I wanted to. Nett cost to me about £800 over the cost of the tickets.
Review posted: 26/11/2010
Please dont ever use Polani travels as they are the worst company in UK,not the worst travel agency but the worst cusotmer service i have ever experienced in this country.

They charged my card for a ticket over a month ago and kept on lying over and over again and kept on changing the travel dates and could not give me a confirmation or ticket till the last week of my travel.

Im still in the process of getting the money back through my lawyers and will put a review of their fraudelent transaction on evey and each site i can find.

Review posted: 26/11/2010
Patrick Rowe
This is a den of THIEVES. Disorganized ones, at that. Although the kind and helpful ALICE helped me find a good flight at a good price, that was the only good part of my experience. The male supervisors there were some of the rudest, go-to-hell people I've ever spoken with. They screwed up the payment on a simple fare, kept fobbing me off for, literally, hours, even after it was so close to the flight that my wife had already started on her bus to the airport.
THEN, when I dared to get a bit miffed at this callous treatment, RO-HEAD, the head Indian guy there that doesn't care if you live or die, actually threatened to hang up on me and cancel the flight reservation!
If you care about your travel plans - or just your blood pressure - stay away from this place.
Review posted: 17/11/2010
very bad experirence, please don't wast your time. very rude & it is a nightmare.
Review posted: 11/11/2010
Do Not use this company. They do not honour what they say.
There are some real horror stories about this agent> People have arrived at the airport to find their tickets had been cancelled by the agent - the day after they were booked. We really wished we had done more research before we booked.
Review posted: 18/10/2010
Since the end of September waiting for a refund.

This Travel agency is not honest!

Book with someone else.
Review posted: 16/10/2010
Another Victim
I bought a ticket 4 days ago and have been calling them for the past 2 days and always get the same answers: you will get your eticket in 1hour or we will call you back in 15min. Neither have happened, I still don't have my eticket, they now know all the numbers I call from and my name and just keep saying the person responsible is not available. I went to the physical address that shows on their website but it is just an accounting firm that takes care of the accounting for flightcatchers and they cant do anything. I am desperate, dont know what to do, where to go, who to talk to, the ticket is for a trip next week. Dont want to buy another ticket and lose the money from this ticket and on top of that the ticket prices have gone up already. DONT USE FLIGHTCATCHERS or anything related with POLANI TRAVEL company or you will lose your money
Review posted: 15/10/2010
Don't ever book with that company
Was the worst experience when arrived to airport and they did not issued the ticket and did not make any reservation after charge 500$ in my account
They said the booking was cancel and they refunded my money
In the airport i need to buy a new ticket directly with the airline
That Travel Agent is so risky and thief

Review posted: 07/10/2010
Cecilia KWAN
So, exactly one week ago, I used's search engine to find a flight from London Heathrow to San Francisco. I booked the available flight using their online booking tool, and received a confirmation email from them. I paid for this flight in full using my debit card.

Today, exactly one week later, I received a call telling me that the flight that I book is no longer available at that price, because the prices "changed as I was booking". I was then told that I could either pay the £150 difference or receive a full refund.
Well, in that one week since I paid for the flight, I have made all my hotel arrangement which I cannot get a refund for now. I was surprised to learn that it is perfectly legal practise for travel agency to raise the price of their flights at any time prior to you actually flying, as long as they offer you the option of a refund if you do not accept the price increase.
So my gripe is. had my money for over one week, so I was out of pocket. They claimed that they tried to contact me by email or phone (although I did not receive any emails, even checking the spam box, and did not receive any calls from them - and I am always on alert for missed calls as I have a young baby at nursery). Now I will be out of pocket for my hotel, or have to pay an extra £150 for the same flight, and if I book again with another agency, the price of the ticket has now gone up because of time lag, and I cannot do anything about it! Except complain that is. So here I am.
Review posted: 29/09/2010
Ahmed Iqbal
Hi all muslim pakistani brothers. I would like to say about bad experience with POLANI TRAVELS and FLIGHT CATCHER. I will urge to guys NOT NOT NOT NOT EVER BUY TICKETS FROM POLANI TRAVELS OR FLIGHT CATCHEr, THey are worst in customer services and one the fraud company who sale you tickets and do not follow or reply ever you back.... And they charge you extra money ..... PLEASE DO NOT EVER BUY TICKETS FROM THEM....

Review posted: 17/09/2010
Dave Turner
The worst travel experience of my life.

I booked a last minute flight with Polani Travel Ltd via their 14 days before travelling. They didn't issue my e-ticket and payment receipt upon securing payment.

It took 5 days of daily calls and emails to finally get e-ticket confirmation (remember I only had 14 days until the flight). During this time the 'Travel Sales Advisor' and his supervisor lied to me and refused to return calls and emails. I still don't have a payment receipt 3 weeks after taking the flight.

Up to the point of check-in I thought I was going to be ripped off or scammed, and was on the phone to them daily which spoiled my final 2 weeks in the UK. Why risk using this company when others offer a better service for the same price?

At best they have really bad customer service, at worst I suspect them of being potential scam artists.

Book with them at your own risk.

You've been warned. I discounted the reviews on this page as being disgruntled ex-employees or competitors. I found out the hard way.


From my research Polani Travel Ltd also trades as:

Review posted: 21/08/2010
I booked 5 tickets back in April, due to the Volcanic ash we became concerned that even if our flight goes ahead we cant take the risk of getting stuck away due to medical conditions in the family.
I immediatly spoke to the actual airlines regarding cancellation, they said its not a problem to cancel due to the present climate and our problems and for me to contact the ticket agancy who will make the cancellation and refund our payment. I spoke to Polani they werent happy but did then agree to cancel and refund my payment.
Please note they didnt refund and ive lost count as to how many times i rang them, wrote to them and emailed them.
id get passed on, hung up on, told il be rang back etc etc but nothing.
its only today that i finaly got my money back July 26 and thats only cos a legal letter of claim was sent to them to initiate legal proceedings against them.

I have travelled agreat deal and have so made many ticket purchases over the years. Polani travel also known as flightcatchers are simply the worst i have ever dealt with. Infact ive never had a refund problem in the past until dealing with these.

Review posted: 27/07/2010
I wish that I had seen these extremely poor reviews of Polani Travel on this website before I booked my flight to Jamaica. I needed to change my flight dates (both arrival and departure) because of work commitments. I was shocked to tears to find out that I would have to fork out £525 to change these dates! I remembered asking 'Ford', one of the agents, in passing two months ago how much a change of dates would cost. He quoted me £100. WHAT A DIFFERENCE 2 MONTHS MAKES! THE PENALTY FOR CHANGING DATES HAD, AS IF BY MAGIC, GONE UP BY £425! I reported the matter to the Office of Fair Trading who said that I should refer to the company's Terms and Conditions (which conveniently, Polani Travel have not bothered to send me!) This company are a bunch of rip-off merchants. GIVE THEM THEIR JUST DESERTS AND REPORT THEM TO THE OFFICE OF FAIR TRADING. WITH ENOUGH COMPLAINTS WE CAN GET THE ROTTERS SHUT DOWN. AS FOR ME, IF I DON'T GET ANY JOY WITH THE OFFICE OF FAIR TRADING, I WILL REPORT THEM TO THE BBC'S 'ROGUE TRADERS' INVESTIGATIVE PROGRAMME. THEY SHOULD AFTERALL BE PUBLICLY NAMED AND SHAMED!
Review posted: 27/07/2010
DISTGUSTING. How can the be allowed to opperate.
They took my money no problem, still yet to see my tickets.When you phone, they lie to you, saying their systems are down,they've got your e-tickets, when they haven't even paid the airline !
Why are they in business ripping us off ?
My advice. Simply on't use them
Review posted: 26/07/2010
Nisar Ahmed
I book my ticket through this agent. and cancell it with in 12 hoour . they did not refund my money. I am still waiting for it. Do not touch this travel agent
Review posted: 20/07/2010
dont trust them I suppose to received refund from them concerning hotels in HONG KONG that where not paid by the travel agency in 2009 and despise assurance that they will refund me no refund receiced.I called severall time and I sent hundred of a-mail but everiting was ignored
Review posted: 19/07/2010
THIEVING *******! am currently trying to get refund.UBAID has ACKNOWLEDGED that they own me a refund but does NOTHING about it,ASIF says they dont. These lot need to be CLOSED DOWN.I have spoke to TRADING STANDARDS & BBC WATCHDOG, I'm gonna shut this place down if it's the last thing I do. PLEASE PLEASE do not book anything with these THIEVES. The 'GOOD' reviews that they are getting is probably somone from their own company!!!!
Review posted: 16/07/2010

Anyone been successful at legal proceedings? i would be interested to hear about it as am going to involve the small claims court. email me
Review posted: 14/07/2010
tried to spend £500 wihlst shopping online using my card. terrible! also looking for a refund however everytime i cal they hang up.
Review posted: 14/07/2010
How can a travel agent not sell you flight tickets because you live in Cyprus.I booked tickets to fly back from Heathrow back in May of 2010 and booked the tickets on line and they took my money quickly enough,with the email confirming the tickets would would be e mailed within two days.Well after 4 days and numberuos phone calls they cancelled the tickets stating that Cyprus was not in there scope.They paid back a partial refund but have withheld a 125.00 GBP.When confronted they said it was to cover there costs,what costs they were the ones to cancel the contract not me, to date I still waiting for the full refund having been promised it would be returned to my credit card we are now in the middle of July.They are a bunch of thieves.During my phone calls I did have to ask if I was ringing Bombay or Delhi
Review posted: 09/07/2010
Madalena Soma Manuel
hi Daisy i really liked the customer service they were very helpfu.they gave lots of advice that i have never been advised in such of good way related to travel ticket. thank you all from your great help.
Review posted: 16/06/2010
Madalena Soma Manuel
hi my name is Madalena i bougth a ticket from you i realy love the customer service in the way the treated me. and they did what they said they would do it. i realy like the way they work is realy great and helpful.
as soon i bought my tck i receveid soon i bought,
i will always buy the ticket from you thank you all of you.
Review posted: 16/06/2010
is there a number we can call to get action against these people??

im currently trying to get a refund, however everyone i talk to seems to be extremely rude. thats if i even get to talk to them, the majority of the time the phone hangs up before i get a chance.
Review posted: 27/05/2010
they are THIEVES! currently trying to get a refund for flights that were cancelled, anytime I call and mention the refund they hang up.
Review posted: 27/05/2010
I booked a Nile cruise and Cairo stay with Polani (Islamic Expeditions). They put together the package I wanted and gave a competetive price. They were always couteous and helpful.
Details and tickets were sent on time and I would use them again.
I had the best holiday of my life!
Review posted: 26/05/2010
Wished i had seen everyones comments before i got involved with them. Please don't book the tickets with this company. Everyone who has had a bad experince should report them to the office of fair trading and the credit card company. ....

Review posted: 17/05/2010
Poani travel has very poor customer service. Once they take the deposit they try to grab extra money from cusotmer on the agreed price.

Review posted: 17/05/2010
Norma Maple
Dear Natasha

I am writing to thank you and the Journeys and Discoveries staff in the UK and India for their efforts in arranging our recent trip to
India. It was a wonderful trip that we will long remember. Despite
our being able to give you only a sketchy idea of what we wanted to do, you were able to plan and execute splendid arrangements that provided exactly what we had hoped for - a snapshot of life in a huge country full of challenging diversity. We particularly appreciated that there were always people to meet us and guide us at every arrival in a strange place. All your representatives were highly professional and did their best to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible.

For your future clients who might be making, as we were, a first trip to India we especially want to recommend some of the following highlights of our holiday:

The train trip from Mumbai - Kochi was an excellent experience at the beginning of our trip. We were introduced to the scenery, the
people and the food of an astounding country in a manner that many
tourists miss out on and which offers exceptional value for money.
Sharing in an a/c 4 berth sleeping compartment was a good
opportunity to be sociable with fellow travellers who were
unfailingly kind and helpful when we seemed to be struggling. (We
gather it is possible to book 2 berth compartments if you don't want to share by booking in advance).

The driver (Sadesh) who looked after us throughout our stay in Kerala was an important part of the package. He was proud of his vehicle and his
position. He made sure we were comfortable and at ease as well as
being able to make us laugh. He also made sure we saw some of the
most wonderful views.

Our visit to Munnar and the tea factory was fascinating and we were fortunate to be shown around by Selva, a young man brought up in the area
who showed us where his family lived and worked as well as described the tea factory process.

We thought the views from the Copper Castle hotel were stunning,
the Spice Tour at Carmelia Haven and the visit to the Spice Garden were both
fascinating and educational. We were fortunate to see elephants in the wild as well as the other animals at Periyar and we particularly remember
the food at the Golden Waters (delicious) and the ayurvedic massages we had in Kovalam.

In the north, our visit to Ambala was very interesting and we were lucky to be staying in a hotel that seemed popular for weddings. On our first
night the hotel manager introduced us into an engagement party where we were welcomed in to join the dancing. On our second night we
were invited into the wedding celebration by a member of the family and felt very privileged indeed. We also visited Chandigarh whilst in the area
and were amazed by the Rock Garden (not to be missed!).

Finally, Delhi, of course, was an wonderful experience and the tour you arranged for us gave us the opportunity to see the Red Fort,
Gandhi's memorial, the India Gate as well as a rickshaw trip etc etc.

Overall, you also arranged a good variety of comfortable accommodation for us for which we thank you. Although there were a couple of local difficulties with hotels, in Kovalam and Delhi, we were grateful too that you were instantly able to sort things out for us. The volcano problem was not of your making and you were unfailingly helpful in assisting us to get home as speedily as possible.

As you know, we chose your company to arrange a bespoke tour for us because we wanted something more tailored to our interests than would be available from a standard package and this you achieved very successfully. We will recommend you, Natasha, and your company to our friends. Please feel free to use this letter in your company's marketing if you so wish.

Once again, many thanks.

Norma Maple

Review posted: 17/05/2010
Mr Gelden
i had booked with Polani travels despite of the reviews that i saw on the web. the service they provided was up to the mark and i had to sit on an aisle seat, which was arranged for me instantly. the tickets were issed and send to me on the same day when i made the payment. i was very very satisfied with the services.
Review posted: 15/05/2010
Ho Chin
I bought 4 tickets to go to Malaysia and I have to say that they have the best prices in the market, I saved quite a lot to spend on other things in my trip. thanks you polani travels. I Will book my next trip with them only.
Review posted: 13/05/2010
The staff are very helpful and friendly and offer the best competetive rates and recommendations. They evenvcall you nearer the time to check if you have transport to airport and to order currency. Very professional and have been using the last few years...
Review posted: 13/05/2010
This is the worst travel agency I have come across. They charged me double the price along with a service charge. I later found out the actual price for the ticket was half and they booked my ticket pretending to be me not a travel agency! bastards
Review posted: 13/05/2010
They are thieves and liars.Stay away, they are only after your money. They took my money and didn't issue me the tickets I paid for. They told me they were issued and sent to me, but when I called Austrian airlines which the tickets were for they told me the tickets hadnt been paid for.
When I tried to call polani ltd, they kept lying to me, and hanging up on me. They are an absolute disgrace to travel agents.
Review posted: 03/05/2010
Wished i had seen everyones comments before i got involved with them. Never come across such a bunch of liers. I would recommend do not touch at any cost.Everyone who has had a bad experince should report them to the office of fair trading and the credit card company.As soon as they are reported the better
Review posted: 20/04/2010
JohnM Croydon
I would NEVER use Polani Travel again.I booked tickets for family and friends to HKG. Several months before our flight my Mother in Law was diagnosed with a heart condition and advised not to fly.The Insurance Company I used paid the refund less excess and Airline Tax within 3-4 weeks. Polani Travel owed me the Airline Tax of £122. It took me months to get it back. After dosens of phone calls, emails, unfulfilled promises and a letter to one of the directors the money was still not refunded. I contacted Trading Standards/Consumer Direct. I wrote a formal letter( 'Final Letter Before Action'as advised by 'Consumer Direct') to all the directors warning of legal action through the 'Smalls Claims Court'. The money was then finally credited to my Bank Account. I started the process in June or July 2009 and was refunded March 2010.
Review posted: 15/04/2010
Mrs Nahim Mehmood-Khan
I've also had probably my worst ever customer experience with this company, not too dissimilar to that described by other people unfortunate enough to have dealt with this company. They made last minute changes to my tickets, told me lots of lies, promised return calls and a resolution that never materialized and finally threatened to cancel my tickets just 36 hrs before i was due to travel with no chance of getting alternative tickets and no guarantee of a refund. I have been trying to pursue this through trading standards. The reason why they are unlikely to get involved is because they haven't had enough complaints about the company. I would advise anyone that's had a bad experience to complain to consumer direct, and insist on getting this passed onto trading standards. That's the only way this company can be stopped from ripping off people who are buying from them in good faith. Please persevere, the more complaints the more likely they are to be investigated and stopped.
Review posted: 13/04/2010
I bought two tickets to travel from london to australia for me and my daughter age7 much to my horror they cocked up my ticket so after phoning the airline ,they managed to get me on a flight with my daughter ,thought i had paid a £1000 each ticket for premium econamy WRONG WAS RIPPED OFF AND LIED TO they are THIEVES do not but any tickets from these lying bastards plain econamy class would of then cost me £1200 for both tickets ,hense why i'm going to TRADING STANDARDS ,they don't return class emails etc ,etc please please dont trust these pigs ,if i didn't have such bad vibes about my ticket i would never of known until i got to the airport and i wouldn't be flying ,my 7 year old could of!!!
Review posted: 01/04/2010
Review posted: 22/03/2010
Liars Cheats Thieves

Polani travel is

I cannot believe this company has not been shut down. We booked a family holiday to the states. I paid the deposit then paid the full outstanding balance 3 weeks later. We arrived at the check in desk as it was an electronic ticket only to be told our booking did not exists. I called the company only to be told that i paid for the flights late and so they cancelled the flights. Under their terms and conditions the tickets were non refundable and i could only claim the taxes back less an admin charge. I was fuming and have complained to trading standards. Please please please do not allow anyone you know to book with this company.
Review posted: 13/03/2010
I bought a ticket with this group at the end of November 2009. I followed their procedures regarding confirmation and followed it by an email to establish when I would receive my ticket. I received my e-ticket on the Friday afternoon of the 5th December 2009 & I was travelling on the 9th Decemeber 2009.When I looked at my ticket that evening I discovered they had changed my return date from the evening of the 31/12/09 to the morning of the 30/12/09 & this was after i had already paid them in full. I called them as soon as I noticed the mistake. The manager gave me 2 options, namely to accept £40 refund for their error or pay £60 & he would amend my ticket immediately. I refused & he told me he would get back to me the next day but he did not in spite of me leaving him several messages & calling several people in this travel group. Eventually when I got hold of him he did not present me with any other option even though he said he would be looking into the matter and see what he could do. I realised he was not go to do anything to change the return ticket. So, I gave in & I told him that it is only out of desperation, that I'm agreeing to pay £60 to get back on the date I was originally supposed to return. I found out from the airline after I checked with them if my booking was amended to the dates that I asked to travel, that the booking reference number given to me the first time was no longer valid as the ticket was cancelled a day after it was booked by this travel group. Therefore I had a new booking reference number on the ticket. My ticket was amended without my knowledge and it became clear that this was not an error as he claimed. Also, they delayed sending the e-ticket out knowing that I had very few days before I was leaving the UK and there was very little I could do to get this sorted out with them before travelling. I wrote a letter on the advice of trading standards to them on my return to try to get my money back but I have not been successful. They told me that as I agreed to pay the extra £60 they were not going to refund it. I have left it in the hands of trading standards & I'm waiitng for them to get back to me about this. I was told taking it to small claims court might not help as this travel group might not show up & it might cost me more than the extra I paid for the ticket. I'm not hopeful about an outcome. By the way, they also took the £60 from my card which I had given them authorisation when I paid the ticket in full. I wasn't asked my card details when they asked me to pay the extra £60. On my return, I found they had taken the money out. i would not trust this company or deal with them again.
Review posted: 07/03/2010
Murrad Ali
Very Good Compny Verry Nice fares for pakitsan i booked the flight for isb in just 398 GBP. in High sesion.
Review posted: 20/02/2010
John Doyle
I also booked a flight to Bangkok with these thieves. They quoted me a price of £598 per person they asked me too pay £420 deposit (2 people) and pay the rest 4 weeks later with the prices being subject to change. I asked the thief how much more could i end up paying (max) he said around £60. I said to the thief thats fine. He then e-mailed me 5 days later and told me the price of the 2 flights have gone up to nearly £2000 and idf i dont pay a further £580 by the next day i will lose my deposit and my flight. Needles to say i lost everything. I attempted to reason with them and come up with an alternative solution and they treated me and spoke to me like i was sum. These thieving bastards need to be SHUT DOWN and reported to the Police. Please do not let these thieving ****** get away with this !!!!!!!!
Review posted: 09/02/2010
I Beg To Differ With You Guys, They Have Helped Me When i was badly stuck and could not get any flights to Sydney the fare online was nearly about £1400 and they got me a flight in just £789 with Cathay Pacific I Saved nearly half of the money quoted online, there service was really good in 1 hour i had my ticket done and dusted, i Appreciate Polani Travel For There Great Work And Great Help.
Review posted: 03/02/2010
Mr. Hussain
i booked my flight with oen of their agent in the beginging he was very hellpfull but once he took the money from us he become rude and misbehaved with me and did not returned my money back actully it was the case of date change he told me that date change on qatar airways teh agent told me that it is free and sold me the ticket but when i asked the agent to change the date he told me that i have to ay 400 pounds extra, he is on one eight one and very rude
Review posted: 25/01/2010
Ali Kazmi
i boked my tiket for pakistan and they said if u want to change the date we will charge u £100 extra and u can change ur dates when i phone them up for changing the dates they gave me rates of £500 difference which i need to pay.And then i cancel my tickets and they said u will get a refund of £280 and still after 3months didnt find my money and i alwyz try to contact them and they alwayz make excuses.its a full rubbish,thieves and time waster i am palnning to take some legal action.
Review posted: 25/01/2010
I have also had a really bad experience. No return of promised calls or emails. I had to cancel my flight due to personal circumstances and was promised a reimbursement less £150. I was a second time reassured that the flight was cancelled. Now they have gone back on their word. Has anyone been successful at legal action?
Review posted: 11/01/2010
Saamir Abbas
On 18:08:2008 I bought ticket from polani travel main office (Heathrow to Lahore flying through Qatar airways paid by debit card £515)
Then because of change in plan I amended my Ticket over the phone through you reservation department and paid extra £150.
So on 14:11:2008 when I went to airport I was told at the check-in desk ‘your ticket has been cancelled’ upon investigation
I found out ticket had been cancelled in you office, I came to your office same day to find out what’s going on, however your staff (qasim) admitted
His mistake he apologised and said “its wrongly been cancelled I do same arrangement ASAP” fist week he failed to arrange flight for me to Lahore
2nd week he could arrange either and then suddenly he stopped answering my phone call, my holidays were being ruined by you staff, end of 2nd week I came to your
Office again to get my money back because I was not happy half of my holidays was wasted, on further discussion “I said to them its too late for me to go for holidays because you gays could not arrange anything apart from wasting my time and I got only one week left I do not thing its good idea to go for week “ Qasim replied let us know when to ready to fly
We arrange for you with no extra chares and you ticket is valid till December 2009.
On18-08-2009 I went back to your office to get ticket for 13:08:09 for which I already paid again you staff could find my details when I
Asked for qasim and remind them the incident last year1, I was told he left the company and we can’t do anything, but one of your staff (Javid) stood up and helped me he told me we could get refund
From Qatar airways and I can get new ticket for you, again dram continue. When he called your account department to get refund from airline they informed its
Already refunded to our company account from airline” I was shocked” they got refund from airline without contact me I was assured to arrange new ticket, meanwhile javid was looking fares
For me after spending some time on computer, I was told to pay extra £300 by him to get new ticket included refund but when I asked him what’s the amount of refund he did not disclose anyway, so I do not how much refund they received, know the question is why they refund my ticket and did not inform and why they promise new
Ticket with no extra charges,
I had enough with you rude and inefficient staff so I decided to pay extra £300 to get rid of them; javada issued me ticket flying to Lahore from Heathrow through
Kuwait airway on 13:10:2009 he charged me £300 pound and gave me flight confirmation but again upon check-inn there was on booking, frustration took me
Straight way from airport to you office and likely javid was in office myself and my brother explained him situation he went in back office and came with apology and
And “said its our mistake I get new ticket for today” but this is not 1st time its 2nd same incident, in this dramatic
Situation I don’t thing any one would trust your company and would not like to ruined my holidays again, so I took a right step and bought ticket from other travel agency,
Know I would like to ask you question put your self in my situation you have paid £965 for
Ticket which actually never been issued, you have been to airport twice with luggage
And paid around £40 for taxi you on your holiday, your family going to airport they
Rented a car and paying, all other expense you did gave time to prepare for journey
But you could not fly because of travel agency, would you come back as customer
Would you recommend this travel agency, therefore I am sure you have answer of
My question.

Review posted: 27/12/2009
Samir Abbas
polani tavel in hounslow issued me ticket twice
but at airpot heathrow upon check-in there was
no booking ,moreover they have not refund me £965.00 back i am taking this isuue farther,i will Definitely write full story,

Review posted: 21/12/2009
Sue Khammash
Be aware! This company is very dodgy! I have had a worrying few days when this company took my money by connect card but never paid for the ticket. Many, many phone calls later the tickets have finally been paid for. I have never experienced this kind of problem before with a travel agent.
Review posted: 16/12/2009
Do not deal with this travel agent! Under no circumstances. They will never issue the airline ticket and give you hassle and lies. I'm in the process of reporting them to Trading Standards and cancelling my connect card that I used to pay for tickets.
Review posted: 16/12/2009
to anyone who reads this notify trading standards if you have any problems whith this theiving company. these guys stole money from my account while on holiday got in touch with my bank and trading standards.
Review posted: 06/09/2009
the same has happened to me they overcharged me £450 and even had the cheek to withdraw money out of my mums account while she was abroad.these guys are fraudsters and crooks. PLEASE BE AWARE. DONT USE THEM.
Review posted: 25/07/2009
I couldnt agree more. A CHEATING company. I have lost so much money through this sad excuse for an agency and they are STILL messing me around with my flights.
Review posted: 15/06/2009
C Moir
Before proceeding with my booking with polani travel I had read the reveiws on this page and thought that they were either over reacting or simply venting anger at their own poor planning. I proceeded with my booking flying from the uk to new zealand and paid my £100 deposit. I failed to fax them a confirmation in time and understandably they could not confirm the flight. This however did not stop them from taking the £2,050 from my bank account and the flight ended up being unavailable. At this point communication started to break down considersably and I found myself speaking to the manager repeatedly. In order to keep this brief I will list the issues that I found problematic.

1. No clear opening hours of business ( somewhere between 9-12 as far as I could tell).

2. When I asked for the money to be returned to my bank account and the flights cancelled the MANAGER hung up on me!!!! (I had easily agreed to them keeping the £100 deposit already.)

3. Amazingly bad communication skills between their staff and customers.

4. Equally bad communcation between their own departments.

5. Pressure sales techniques were used. Two days in a row I was given approximately one hour to decide whether or not the new flights they were offering me would be suitable. One of these times there was a price increase of £350.

There are several other issues which I could list but having wasted the last 72 hours of my life (and £100) I will conclude by saying GO WITH SOMEONE ELSE. Dial a flight managed to get me a deal that was £300 cheaper with a better company in under an hour.
Review posted: 01/04/2009
the worst travel agent. l paid an deposit of £300 in may 2008, to travel to Zimbabwe, then l had some personal problems l couldn't travel so l wanted my money back but they told me that they will take £150 charges, or l can leave my money with them and if l decided to travel in a year time will use the money as a deposit.when l went to book my tickect l had to fight for my money whivh they knew they and l had a receipt to prove that l paid the money and were coming up with so many reasons not to use my deposit. my advise to everyone out there never use this travel agent. am planning to take legal action on them.
Review posted: 17/03/2009
We booked 4 tickets to Hong Kong through Polani Travel Ltd for a total £2160 on 18 July 2008(ticket £510 per person we were told only 6 seats left and we were told there will be a fuel surcharge £30 or more on the airport,so we paid £120 extra for so called SURCHARGE which never exsisted!!!) and after half hour when we checked on the same company's website for exactly the flights ,the price is only £1696 in total.So we actually paid £464 MORE than what we should have paid.And this cheaper price was always there!!!Anybody could have booked the cheap price online by themselves.When we contacted the agency asking for the difference back.They refused to do anything and they said they can't do anything about it!!!THIS IS A PURE RIP OFF!!!The invoice they sent to us has no breakdown for what was charged for (just £540 per person).This is a CHEATING agency !!!BE VERY AWARE OF THEM :POLANI TRAVEL LTD !!!Book flights by yourself ,don't book with them unless you don't mind be RIPPED OFF!!!! !!!!!!
Review posted: 23/07/2008
Beverley Ward
I booked a holiday for four to Manila with a stop over in Doha Qatar. Polani travel sold us return tickets which were open tickets in order for us to change our return date to the U.K. Upon arriving in Manila we decided to return home in two weeks... Unfortunately the tickets sold to us by Polani travel were for Philippine airlines who informed us there were no available flights out of the country for 5 weeks and explained to us that our travel agent POLANI TRAVEL should not have sold us these tickets with the knowledge that we would be stranded in the Philippines for that length of time. Polani travel offered us no refund or help to get back to the U.K. In fact, the very agent who sold us the tickets tried to offer us new tickets home which we would have to buy for four hundred and twenty pounds per person one way!! and with a loss of the original tickets and no refund I can truely say Polani travel are the worst travel agents to book ANY holiday or flights with. I would not recommend anyone to use Polani travel. The holiday we expected to be wonderful was ruined by this company and have left us out of pocket and very disappointed. Do not use this travel agent unless you want to be 100% ripped off!!
Review posted: 07/06/2008

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