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Travel Agent: Azzy Travel

This is our Azzy Travel travel agent page. We have listed the full address of Azzy Travel, phone numbers and websites. Azzy Travel is in London, Azzy Travel offers cheap holidays, cheap flights, hotels, city breaks and travel insurance in London. This travel agent is in London

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W7 2HJ
phone number for Azzy Travel at 154 BOSTON ROAD. LONDON. HANWELL. 0208 123 9900
leave a comment about Azzy Travel at 154 BOSTON ROAD. LONDON. HANWELL. Leave a reviewEmail Azzy Travel at 154 BOSTON ROAD. LONDON. HANWELL. Contact branch
Azzy Travel
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Azzy Travel Limited has come up with creative travel solutions for cheap flights to 100+ destinations across the globe. People who wish to travel from UK to their homes in other parts of the world for visiting family, to participate in a festival back home, for business and tourism, they find the Azzy Team friendly, competent and caring. For us, Customer Satisfaction is top of the list, and we believe in making long-term, successful consumer and corporate client relationships.

Services Offered:Flight Ticketing

Nishal Velani
I bought 2 flights from Alex at Azzy Flights/Travel on 24 February 2012 to fly to Nairobi, Kenya from Manchester, UK with KLM in April. The price was GBP 940 for 2 adult return tickets. I was emailed the flight details and advised to make full payment via bank transfer to book and confirm the tickets. I transferred the quoted amount on 24/2/2012 and confirmed the flights, and I was told I would be issued with E-tickets in 72 hours. I called on 27/2/2012 and spoke to Alex, who confirmed that the money had been received and the company was in the process of issuing the tickets. Since then I called every 2 days to find out why my tickets were not being issued, only to be given a multitude of different excuses - the computer system was down, the accounts department was closed, the KLM airline was the problem, Mr Alex was not available, etc.

2 and a half weeks passed and the tickets were still not issued. On March 13 I was finally told that there had been a mix up with the airline, and in Azzyflights delaying the issue of the tickets, KLM had cancelled them, and I had lost my booking! I twas then offered alternative tickets but I requested a refund of my money( I was NOT going to book any more flights with them after that fiasco!). I emailed Alex my bank account details and requested full refund. I was advised that this would take 72 hours.

Alex confirmed by telephone on 14 March that he had received the email and forwarded the request to the accounts department. This time he told me it may take up to 5 working days as the transfer is done via cheque. I contacted Alex on 19 March to again inquire the status of the refund and he told me the accounts department was sorting it out and I should have the money by the end of the day. He promised to call/email me to update me on the situation and provide a copy of the transfer/refund details. I received no email or call. I called again on 22 March and spoke to Nigel who informed me that the delay was because the accounts department had not received my bank account details. He told me Alex had not forwarded those details to the accounts department. He requested me to email him my bank details and that he will forward them to accounts.

The entire company was blaming each other or someone else (e.g. the airline or the bank) for its problems and delays. They played delay tactics straight out lying and cheating, and being very rude, not caring about the whole situation. I got sick and tired of the games and finally contacted the Government Consumer Protection Services, and Citizen's Advise Bureau, who advised legal action as per the law.

This involved putting everything in writing in post, explaining the full situation from the beginning - tickets bought and paid for, not issued and then cancelled, then no refund being made. I then had to give them 14 days notice to respond to the letter, or I would go to Small Claim's Court. Obviously they ignored that letter, and then I sent them a 'Letter of Final Notice for Court Action', giving them a deadline to pay my refund of GBP940.

Luckily they paid by cheque on the date of deadline - 17 April, 2 months after the entire charade.

Looking at the other posts, I see that this is clearly what Azzyflights does as a company, presumably to book flights, then cancel and re-book at cheaper prices, having charged the customer the original higher price.

I would caution everyone to NOT deal with this illegal, immoral travel agent, as you will only encounter false promises, fake bookings and a lot of trouble.
Review posted: 05/08/2012
This agency has given me the worst service i have ever receieved. I am not sure they are a geniune company. I made the mistake of falling for their assurances that they are giving me the cheapest ticket. I transfered them monet two days ago and i still havent recieved my e ticket. I am worried i will ever receive it. The travel agents were rude, misbehaved with me, lied to me, avoided my calls, they seem like they have never been trained in customer service.

Please do yourself a favour and do not book from thi travel agency. They are likely to be a bunch of frauds. I really hope my money hasnt gone down the drain!
I will be launching a formal complaint against this travel agency soon and making sure that they are shut down for good.
Review posted: 04/08/2012

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