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Travel Agent: Lets Go Canaries Ltd

This is our Lets Go Canaries Ltd travel agent page. We have listed the full address of Lets Go Canaries Ltd, phone numbers and websites. Lets Go Canaries Ltd is in Nottingham, Lets Go Canaries Ltd offers cheap holidays, cheap flights, hotels, city breaks and travel insurance in Nottingham. This travel agent is in Nottingham

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9 Market Place
NG13 8AR
phone number for Lets Go Canaries Ltd at 9 Market Place01949 877877fax number for Lets Go Canaries Ltd at 9 Market Place01949 877878
Lets Go Canaries Ltd
1.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings.
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Tracey Harvey
We booked a villa with this company in Gran Canaria and were told a week before we went that there was a problem with the pool and would be given another villa - we were unhappy about this but assured that this villa would be an upgrade. When we got to our villa we were flanked by full blown building works either side. This villa was also in a fishing village rather than the popular resort we had booked. We phoned the salesman Chris and said that we would prefer to go to the original villa even though the pool was not working and his reaction and refusal to comply made us very suspicious. We drove to the villa we originally booked only to find another family in the villa. They were swimming in the pool which clearly had nothing wrong with it! We knew the hotel group that owned this villa and went to discuss the situation with the hotel manager. We were informed that the villa had been double booked! Lets go Canaries knew this to be the case, I think they blatantly lied and made up the story about the pool and the owners of the villa we were staying in had informed them that there were building works going on. The villa we had been placed in was uninhabitable during the day because of the noise and dust and when we returned to England we forced the company to reimburse the cost of the villa after a lot of upsetting phone calls, letters and threats to take them to a small claims court. Horrible people to deal with.
We were not the only people having trouble with this company at the time as we also supplied information to a trading standards officer who was investigating other complaints from other families. Yes we did get the cost of the villa back but we lost the cost of the flights, hired car and obviously the enjoyment of our anual holiday. My advice would be to look elsewhere for a holiday!

Review posted: 04/10/2011

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Lets Go Canaries Ltd Map:

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