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Travel Agent: Southall Travel Ltd

This is our Southall Travel Ltd travel agent page. We have listed the full address of Southall Travel Ltd, phone numbers and websites. Southall Travel Ltd is in Southall, Southall Travel Ltd offers cheap holidays, cheap flights, hotels, city breaks and travel insurance in Southall. This travel agent is in Southall

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19 South Road
phone number for Southall Travel Ltd at 19 South Road020 85748410fax number for Southall Travel Ltd at 19 South Road020 88138418
Southall Travel Ltd
2.5 out of 5 based on 113 ratings.
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Used Southall Travel on few occasions service as expected = no problem there.
Review posted: 30/12/2012
The Worst Travel Agency in the history of travel agencies, it blows my mind why this company is still standing, they are useless, incompetent people who can hardly speak english... In other words BOYCOTT!!
Review posted: 03/11/2012
Issues e ticket with half information and when you ask for it. They ll commit to send you another one in 2 hours but you ll never hear back from them..
Review posted: 28/04/2012

I had to book in today and change with them. Never felt so much attitude the guy called Oliver, I know its a nick name.Sounds fake asian accent and very less knowledge of the system. He seems to have a very little spoken English and always ends with Anything else?

Never will I ever call these people, very poor service. Lacks basics.
Review posted: 17/10/2011
Never trust on this agents
The worst management and worst service ever
I paid full amount for my ticket
But when i went to the airport to check in
They said my flight has been cancelled by travel agents.
Apparently , they forgot to remove the condition from my ticket and their system cancelled it automatically. It was their fault and carelessness which ruined my holiday.
The supervisor Mr. Khan supposed to investigate it byt he didnt even said sorry for nearly a week.
I need to chase him daily by calling southall travel but he didnt spoke to me.
At the end when i spoke to him he seems quiet careless and rude and he said to me that you can do whatever you want to do

Review posted: 13/10/2011

BEWARE! This is by far the absolute worst travel organisation I have ever come across.

I booked a flight from London to Sydney stopping in Taipei, once Sotuhall Travel had my money they informed me that the flight would be London - Amsterdam - Taipei (12 hours) - Sydney. To cancel or change any details would result in a loss of several hundred pounds, which I now think would be preferable. The journey ended up London - Amsterdam - Bangkok - Taipei - Sydney (50 hours of travel).

I was not informed of the Bangkok stop, nor was this stop on any travel documentation, I found out that I'd be in Bangkok on the plane to Bangkok! When I approached Southall Travel regading the lack of information their response has been "our records indicate that the correct details were forwarded to you". I have continued to email everyday for over a month to pursue but they do not respond. When I phoned they hung up. Through absolute persistency I eventually spoke to somebody who could not answer direct questions and repeated the standard response.

After the initial change was made to the route ie. incorporating Amsterdam, the flight continued to be advertised without the Amsterdam stop for several weeks on the Southall Travel website. I emailed them about this knowing how misleading the information was, but they had no interest in changing this detail. Once you book with this company you are stuck!

Review posted: 06/10/2011
customers please be aware of them. otherwise you will end up ruining your trip. their is no customer service in southall travels. i regret booking my tickets with them, they are bloody rip off, i still dont have my tickets with me although i booked it about a month ago.
Review posted: 04/10/2011
Karan Singh
I booked my tickets from heathrow to new delhi (India) and got excellent service. I would give full marks to the agent and the company who has hired them.
People might have had bad experiences but this doesnt mean it is a bad company afterall... cheers !!!

Review posted: 23/09/2011
Imran Pervaiz
I have booked my family tickets with them. Dus to some reason i had to get it cancelled. The airline charge £100 but they charge £160 per ticket on account of admin charge. and in the name of admin they do nothing even for cancellation, we have to call ourselve to the air line. the are jsut getting the cream for free. and secondly it's been more than six weeks but i have not been refunded so far. they acknowledge now that they have received the maoney back from the airline but still not refuding it to me. The explanation for this delay is that we are a big company of 500 people.
I will never get bacck to them, they are exteremly un professional.
Review posted: 15/09/2011
Do not book with Southall Travel - they are a sham travel agency. Have employed uneducated people who don't know what they're doing and are highly incompetent. Very poor service, no customer service, rude and are highly unprofessional. I will never use them again.
Review posted: 22/08/2011
B Eliza Lloyd
"Disgusting service"

I'm normally fairly hardy regarding budget travel, and will go to whoever is cheapest. But Southall Travel were absolutely terrible and I would never ever book with them again.

The staff were short and rude throughout the booking process.

But I found a flight, and arranged to book through them shortly before payday by paying a deposit of £175.
The only reason I booked at that point, was because I could pay a deposit rather than the full amount.

Instead, Southall travel went ahead and without my knowledge, took the full amount for the flight from my account of £450.

They refunded the additional amount of £275 once they realised there was a mistake, but did not even notify me that this error had occured.

As a result, I have been left without funds (and with no money in my account) for a whole weekend, until the refund is received next week.

I have two small children and so to be left with absolutely no cash for food, travel or anything that we had planned for a whole weekend is wholly unacceptable.

They took funds without authorisation. When I complained, and asked for a full refund including the deposit because of this unacceptable error and the way it was handled, they were incredibly rude and suggested the only reason i wanted a refund was because i didn't want the flight any more and was lying.

I have never been so shocked by poor customer service, and am absolutely disgusted with the service I have received.

I would never book through them again, and would warn you to stay clear.

Review posted: 19/08/2011
Service is extremely poor, when it comes to giving out refunds.I was even told by staff that we only give out full refunds if you Die.

Call centre: Staff are plain rude.
I have gone somewhere else..
Review posted: 16/08/2011
because of their service i had a no show and my flight had left for which they did not even apologize or book me a new ticket i had to go to the airline office myself and sort everything out which cost me further.
Southhall Never Again!
Review posted: 13/07/2011
I traveled from Heathrow to Adelaide whith these guys.I couldnt have wished for a better trip. Ant I had no problems what so ever.
Review posted: 14/05/2011
L Robbins
Too much detail to go into here but suffice it to say this company gave us the most APPALLING customer service and duped us into paying twice as much. We found them the MOST UNHELPFUL AND MONEY GRABBING company. Please take care if you use them.
Review posted: 09/05/2011
Daniel Richardson
Horrible people. They made a mistake booking a flight for my friend, booking it for five weeks rather than five days. She didn't notice error (english not her first language). They refused to help even though it was their mistake. They said she had to pay over five hundred pounds to get home, or she'd be stranded in new york for a month. I spent almost an hour on the phone with them, but in the end they said "it would hurt our profits if we helped her". That says it all about their attitude to the customer...
Review posted: 22/04/2011
Naomi Abraham
Thanks was fair only delay at Delhi to Sri lanka 1hour and 30 mts i would have been nice if Delhi saved some refreshment as there was elderly and chilren and had no local currency to operate the machines, good service and staff was good had to put up with a rude passeenger in seat 30 d would not allowe the passengers to pass throuh to the other side best wishes I will fly and recommond
Review posted: 18/04/2011
Sean Symes
Whatever you do please heed the many bad reviews on Southall Travel; the customer service is appalling and I will never go near them again.

This company regards itself and only itself; you do not factor in its thinking besides what money it can take from you. Please do see the below.

I booked flights with Southall Travel through Egypt Air on the 14th November 2010; on the 12th of February 2011, they called me saying I had to re schedule flights due in 2-3 weeks time.

This was impossible as I had so many internal flights ECT already booked in South Africa, my destination.

I had no choice but to find alternate flights on the days required so I asked Southall to please cancel my flights and refund me in full.

It took me 3 full days of beating my head against the Ďwallí that is their customer service team before I got my request, they were simply not interested in helping but after 3 full days of endless calls and e-mails they finally agreed in writing that I would be refunded in 6-8 weeks. (I felt 6-8 weeks was unacceptable but with my trip looming I steeled myself to fight issue on my return).

On return to the UK, now more than 5 weeks since I had cancelled the flights with Southall, I called to ask for my refund.

I was told that they were only going to refund me once they had authorisation from the airline, I was told it would take another 2-3 weeks!

I said this was unacceptable and again had to start another crusade of e-mailing and calling; again the customer service team were horrendous.

They said time and time again that they were chasing the airline and as soon as the airline authorised the refund I would get my money; the only holdup was apparently Egypt Air, not them.

After literally 10 days of chasing Southall I gave up and instead called Egypt Air to try find out why they were not authorising my refund through Southall Travel.

In this one phone call to Egypt Air, the first call I made to them and within 2 minutes of this call, Egypt Air informed me that they would of course refund me in full and that if Southall Travelís Ďcustomer serviceí had done their job correctly I would have been refunded ages ago, in fact immediately on my cancelling the flights 5-6 weeks before!

Honestly how hard can Southall Travel have been chasing my refund when I accomplished in 1 call what they had supposedly being chasing for weeks?

The simple answer is that they are either utterly inept or were simply trying to fob me off in the hope I gave up and they could hang onto my money.

Even after I confronted them with written authorisation from Egypt Air that my refund was authorised, they still told me that I would have to wait 2-3 weeks!!

It took me a further 2 days of calls for them to finally give up and start the transfer of my refund.

This company is one to give a miss, at the very most locate a cheap flight on their site and then contact the airline directly as this lot are utterly useless and have no regard for their customers.

Southall Travel never once tried to help me, dealing with them was a constant battle and I was bullied and ignored.

Review posted: 14/04/2011
They are very unprofessional. Don't have the required etiquettes for talking to a customer. Try to rush into making bookings and making profit. And when you tell them to speak politely, they say that they are being professional.
Review posted: 08/04/2011
Very poor service. They never answer their phones or return any calls. Customers just beware of them!
Review posted: 02/04/2011
Sean Symes
Do not use Southall Travel, the customer service is woeful.
I bought tickets, many months later they cancelled them.
I have yet to receive a refund, they refuse to help. Please please heed this bad review.
(log onto many other sites and see the MANY other bad reviews.

Review posted: 25/03/2011
Southall travel cannot be trusted, they employees lie to cover their tracks, whatís worse is their managers lie for them and their customer care are pretty much useless.
I discussed flight bookings to Thailand for myself and my husband with Southall Travel a Guy named Abhi. He took our confirmation at 11.15 pm on the 1.2.2011 but when we check the email the next day 2.2.2011 around 3.00 we didnít receive anything.
My husband made a call at 3.20 and asked for Abhi who was not there, Sohan the rep picked up the phone and informed my husband our card has been decline, it did not go through and to give him the card details again. (As it was my card my husband called me). At 10.30 PM same day we called Southall travel again and Rachel confirmed that our booking was not in the system. So we told her we wanted to go ahead with the booking of the flight. She couldnít secure a good deal for my husband and advise me to book with another supplier as she could not beat the price. (At that time I booked with Ebookers and confirmed my husbandís tickets 11:25). Rachel sent me a booking confirmation for my tickets (11.06) which were different dates to that of my husband. In the mean time my husband checked our statement online to confirm that ebookers have charged our card. We saw 2 other suspicious transactions for price of £420 each. We then questioned Rachel again and she said Oh no Maíam hold on Iím seeing your booking now, this was at 11.45 PM after I booked my flights with eBookers.
When I spoke to the customer service, managers, and customer care all said to me that I gave confirmation so the card could be charged anytime. I was about to make another booking for myself with Rachel not knowing that Abhi had already secured our bookings and took our money. Perhaps it was their system error that Sohan and Rachel didnít see our bookings and payment in the first time. But the point is as a result of that I bought my ticket elsewhere and they would not refund me.
I even suggested to take the amount from my husbandís booking and put it towards mine and Iíll pay the difference for my tickets they were not having it. When they customer care asked Rachel and Sohan they declined that they told us our booking does not exist. But Rachel send me a confirmation of a Quantas flight for the same time and period after 2 of my transactions have gone through. Now why would I go ahead with 2 bookings for the same dates for myself had I known that 1 booking had already gone through. Our problem is we booked another flight with ebookers and paid in full paid on the knowledge that southall travel didnít have our booking. I called about 20 times or more and their managers just blamed myself and my husband. They never took into account that their employees were lying.
Now I and my husband have to fly on different flights as and they are not giving us our money back. And the question is why should I pay for their customer serviceís mistake??

Review posted: 03/02/2011
southall travel is the worst travel agent and advise people not to book with them,i was supposed to travel the 8 december but instead they issued me to travel the 8 january which wasnt convient for because my visa had already expired, on top of that they told me that if iwant to cancell my ticket iwll half of my money. if it was my fault icould understand what made me angry was they wernt understanding.

Review posted: 05/01/2011
Very very bad customer service. I cancelled the ticket due to unforeseen situation. I did the cacellation on 8th September and today is 21st Sep. I am yet to get the money and the response from the Customer service so very bad. They cut the line. put me on hold for very very long time. !!!..Initial they commited 4-5 weeks for refund and now they say it might run upto 8 weeks. If you want your money safe please do not go for southall travel!!!
Review posted: 21/10/2010
Having booked Flight to Bangkok Southall travel were great they got me flights from Aberdeen with a stop over in London, I even got a free upgrade to Bangkok.
Review posted: 26/04/2010
New ever use them....they hike prices and any chance they get. They hiked prices saying the seats are not available...but checked with other agents and plenty were available....never use them...
Review posted: 12/02/2010
I don't often complain about set backs,but I am very disappointed at the lack of response from Southall with regard to my recent experiences. I arranged flights and hotel accommodation in New York at the New Year. On arrival at my 'Manhatton' hotel it transpired that Southall had actually booked a hotel in Kansas. I had to book myself in to the New York Hotel and lost my £600 prepaid amount as I had not appeared at the Kansas hotel .When booking, Southall insisted on a fully paid up fee. I have requested some explanation but no response.
Review posted: 14/01/2010
This company are a SHAMBLES. We booked a family holiday to Indian for 25 people. 3 names were spelt incorrectly on the E-ticket (this was admittedly our fault). I rang them to see if these minor spelling errors could be corrected, they said it would cost £65 to change. They were adamant that these charges were being applied by Lufthansa with whom the flight was booked. I demanded the contact details of Lufthansa from Southall (not the usual customer service number but the number for travel agents). When I rang this number and spoke to several advisors, they all categorically told me that they charge a maximum of £35 for minor changes no more. They also advised that many travel agents add a surcharge. I am happy to pay the £35, but what has really annoyed me is that Southall are still denying that they are charging and extra £30 to correct a minor spelling mistake. They are accusing Lufthansa of lying. They are still adamant that Lufthansa are charging £65 not £35. I have taken the names of specific advisors from Lufthansa and I have asked the manager at Southall to speak with them directly - but oh no. They're not prepared to do that. THEY ARE BLATANT LIARS. we have spent approx £6000 in booking tickets and they want to cream another £65 off us multiplied by three just to change a few letters. A DISGRACE. NEVER SHOP WITH THESE GUYS. THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE MEANS.
Review posted: 23/12/2009
CAN ANYONE HELP!!! I have booked a trip with this crowd and, unfortunately paid a deposit, but I cant get through to them to make the final payment. I have no flight tickets and we are supposed to be in Phuket on 3rd August!!!
Does anyone know how I can check them out? ABTA dont seem to have a list of members that you can search!!
Review posted: 24/07/2009
In respect of poor customer service and client relations, Southall Travels take the cake.

It was a harrowing experience to deal with the so called call center. Not only did i face enough trouble to book my tickets, i also had the honour being duped into paying twice for my tickets.

In conclusion South Hall travels is a shining example of botched up deals.
Review posted: 11/10/2008

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